Business Services


Tax Preparation

We offer a complete range of tax preparation services for our clients. This allows us to verify and modify the tax strategies that may be in your plan. Many clients plan for an annual strategic review and evaluation of their current financial decisions.

Employee Benefits

Providing an employee benefits package that includes quality, affordable coverage can be a challenge. We evaluate different benefits packages to achieve the best pricing structure. We also assist employers with the claims filing procedure.

Buy/Sell Strategies

A Buy-Sell Agreement is simply a written agreement made between the partner or shareholders of the business specifying buy out provisions caused by such things as death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, voluntary termination, company dissolution, etc. The execution of a Buy -Sell Agreement secures a number of very tangible benefits for the shareholders

Business Succession Planning

One goal of many business owners is to someday transfer their business interest to either family or key employees. This type of planning can offer to both the current and successor owner a worry-free, tax efficient method of business succession. We can provide a professional evaluation of your current situation that will help avoid future problems with business succession planning.

Executive Compensation

Executive compensation plans are a popular vehicle to attract and retain key individuals of your company. Non-qualified deferred compensation programs, typically used to provide supplement retirement benefits to senior management, include selective incentive plans, wherein the company makes contributions to fund the plan on behalf of selective employees.


Risk Management Analysis

We offer expertise on selecting life and disability insurance coverage by conducting a financial security analysis to determine the appropriate level of protection. We design risk management programs to be affordable, to meet corporate and individual needs, and to be flexible enough to allow for changes. We can also review any existing coverage to ensure it is cost effective and up to date.