Personal Services

Retirement Planning

Having the ability to retire comfortably and free from financial pressures remains the main issue for our clients. Resource flexibility is a must for an enjoyable retirement. The implementation of a retirement plan could even start when you first begin saving.


Tax Preparation

We offer a complete range of tax preparation services for our clients. This allows us to verify and modify the tax strategies that may be in your plan. Many clients plan for an annual strategic review and evaluation of their current financial decisions.

College Funding

College funding needs to be integrated with all areas of the financial decision making process because it can affect all future available resources. We can help you evaluate different funding options in relation to your current situation and all of your future goals.

Estate Planning

A successful strategy in estate planning is one that allows you to control and fully enjoy the fruits of your labor while living with the knowledge that your ultimate wishes and desires will be carried out with a minimum of stress or shrinkage.

Asset Management

Asset management is a way to maintain or accumulate wealth with a low risk level. To accomplish this objective, we integrate active portfolio management with a commitment to after-tax strategies across all appropriate asset classes. We work closely with you to design and manage a strategy that compliments financial decisions in all areas within your specific investment objectives.

Long Term Care

Most people assume long term care planning is for those who are not “asset independent” or wealthy. We disagree. We feel the purpose of planning in this area is to establish the best level of care possible without a reduction of lifestyle. Then, because a level of care has been established that is not dependent on a specific asset or asset level, options are only limited by your desires.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of a complete financial plan. If coordinated and integrated properly, it could benefit the insured as much, if not more, than the beneficiaries.

Will/Trust Analysis

Wills and trusts are tools in the larger process of estate planning. There is a misconception that this topic is only for those with hard assets, but it can be beneficial to other people as well.